What we found is that the warning go away if we comment out the single avp_db_query that is being used in our config.

_ The avp_db_query is not executed at the start, but only when specific header is present. Yet the fooding start immediately after opensips start. The mere presence of the avp_db_query function in config without execution is enough to have the issue._

ere are your results. I’m attaching the full backtrace (looks about the same) and the logs containing the memory debug. Please let me know if you need additional info.

I checked with a tcpdump, and that http request was answered after 40ms, but opensips missed it. Another strange thing is that despite of the use of async, opensips does not process any other SIP request while waiting for this missing answer, I see because with default params, with 20s timeout, opensips didn’t process REGISTER request and SIP endpoints unregistered, this is the reason because I changed connection timeout to 1s.

I’ve discovered that this issue occured only if http keepalive (tcp persistent connection) is enabled. I’ve simply added “KeepAlive Off” directive in httpd configuration and the problem stopped.

I hope this info will be useful for debugging.

  • 使用opensipsctl trap 可以产生调用栈文件

WARNING:core:utimer_ticker: utimer task already scheduled for 8723371990 ms (now 8723387850 ms), it may overlap.